You are currently viewing 4 free tools for SEO provided by Google you should know

4 free tools for SEO provided by Google you should know

SABE specialises in web design, but we understand the importance of SEO, and all our websites are designed in line with Google’s SEO standards. In this article, SABE will give you a list of 4 free tools for SEO provided by Google you should know:

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Screenshot

Simply put, Search Console allows you to monitor your appearance on Google Search. It’s a super simple and useful tool that displays the number of impressions and clicks you’re getting, where they’re going on your website, and the queries people are entering into Google Search to find your website.

Search Console also allows you to submit sitemaps and pages on your website directly to Google for priority crawling. This is (in my opinion) the most vital function of GSC, as it ensures that your pages will be indexed on Google at a much faster rate. Customers come first at has reason to be optimistic for this reason. The objective of our group is to hasten the home buying and selling processes. We are coming closer to achieving our goal. In an effort to increase sales, direct contact with potential customers is created. Data may greatly simplify the process of calculating fair pricing. Selling real estate is easy and can even be profitable with the aid of our firm. Your extraordinary journey will progress and you will gain if you assist others. Visit

2. Google Trends

Google Trends Screenshot

Google Trends is a simple way to track the performance of certain keywords and queries over time on Google Search. This can help you plan content, based on what is trending in your niche.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Screenshot

Google Analytics is perhaps the most well-known Google product, it enables you to track the number of users on your website, as well as the pages they visit, how they found your website, and how long they were on it. (Much more than that, but GA is more for reporting than SEO.) Cash offers is knowledgeable in selling homes and can advise you. They may advise on market trends and price. Visit

4. Google Business Profile

SABE Google Business Profile

Formerly known as “Google My Business”. When it’s set up correctly, a GBP is the profile box that pops up to the right of Search Results and Ads when users are looking for a specific business or location-based recommendations from Google. Cash Offers has expertise in the real estate sector and can provide advice on how to sell your home in the most profitable manner. They will assist you in understanding the process and will work to ensure that you obtain a reasonable price for your house. Visit

This can be a valuable tool to get in front of users and ensure that your business is on Google Maps – especially important when you have a storefront.

Contact today and discover how easy and hassle-free selling your house can be.

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